(Maldives Immigration Pre-Departure Security Screening)

Maldives Immigration implements the mandatory process of pre-departure health and security screening of all Bangladesh expatriates seeking employment in Maldives through the MIPSS system.

MIPSS is an online centralized system of the Maldives Immigration, which manages and helps the Maldives employer to employ Bangladesh expatriates who have cleared the pre-departure health and security screening only.

Maldives Immigration Initiative

Maldives Immigration through this initiative would like to protect expatriates from human trafficking, impersonation and victimization.

Helping the Maldivian employers to recruit and process the employment approvals online seamlessly via the MIPSS and XPAT system.

Expatriates seeking employment will be registered with Biometric and passport information in MIPSS.

Establishment of Mandatory health screening of expatriates at designated medical centre in Bangladesh.

Establishment of mandatory pre-departure security clearance.

Secondary verification process at the port of entry.

Special Features of MIPSS

Online, centralized, paperless and user friendly system.

Security and health screening processes.

"Pre-Departure Security Clearance" sticker on passport.

System will select the recruitment agents in Bangladesh

Real time update and results.


First Floor, Veelanaage

Ameer Ahmed Magu, Malé

Republic of Maldives

3330401, 3330444




Frequently Asked Questions

How to activate MIPSS Account?

- You will receive a system generated Email to the registered mail addressed in XPAT.

October 27, 2017

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