X-PAT Online


Employer's Action in XPAT

I. Employer need to update the profile
- Update the Mobile Number
- Update the Email ID
- Create an Online Account if you don't have one.

II. Apply for a Quota Allocation
- Log In to X-pat Online System
- Click on Quota tab
- From drop down menu, click on Approved Quota
- Please allocate your required amount of Quota in X-pat System using the Allocate tab.
- Submit for Immigration Approval.

III. Upon Immigration Approval, you will be notified with an Email on the Bangladesh Recruitment Agent details.

Employer's Offline Action

IV. Communicate with the assigned Bangladesh Recruitment Agent for your requirement of the worker and other Terms and Conditions.

V. Upon finalizing the terms and conditions with the Bangladesh Recruitment Agent, you may start using MIPSS for creating the Employment Contract.


I. How to update Individual profile?
- Employer may update personal at online registration counter at 2nd floor Huravee building.

II. How do I communicate with the Bangladesh Recruitment Agent?
- You can communicate to the Bangladesh Recruitment Agent via email or phone as received in Quota Allocation email.

MIPSS Online


Employer's Action in MIPSS

I. First Time User
- Account Activation
- Employer will receive an activation email if the employer profile is up to date in the XPAT
- Update Company Profile
- Please upload Profile Picture, Logo, Company Stamp, and Signature.
Note: (Please ensure all images below 500kb and 500pixel)

II. Quota Dashboard(Approved Quota Allocation in Xpat System will bedisplayed.)
- Employer shall offline interact with Recruitment Agent in Bangladesh regarding the worker recruitment and terms and conditions
- Upon agreeing to terms and conditions, Employer may proceed to create an Employment contract
- Please click on the quota registration number to proceed apply Employment Contract.
- Please fill up all mandatory fields in employment contract (Salary, Overtime, Holiday, Leave etc.,)
- Once document is uploaded please click SAVE & CONTINUE.
- Verify the documents generated by the system and accept the declaration.
- Employer will receive OTP Verification via email and need to validate the OTP as a final step for submitting the Employment contract.

III. After validating the OTP, the Employment Contract, and system will send the Employment Contract, Demand Letter, and Power of Attorney to assigned Bangladesh Recruitment Agent.

Recruitment Agent Process

IV. Upon Agreeing to the T&C between the employers & the Bangladesh recruitment agent. The Bangladesh recruitment agent will start the worker registration, Police Report & assign worker to Medicals.

V. In the Medical Centre Registration, the Bio-metrics will be captured and check for blacklist in the XPAT system.

VI. Upon successful approval of security vetting and Medical tests, the worker will be assigned to the Employer

Employer's Action in MIPSS

VII. Viewing Eligible Expats. Employer is required to log in and click on (Quota Information).

VIII. Click on the worker details to view worker Information.

IX. All worker Information including the registration details, passport details, medical report, police clearance report and employment contract will be seen.

X. In an event if the Employer wants to revise the contract, the employer may choose the specific worker and click on "Revise Benefit" Note: Revision of Employment contract is applied before submitting the working for EA processing

XI. Enter the New values on the revise application screen and submit.

XII. Employer will receive OTP Verification via email and need to validate the OTP as a final step of Revise the Application

Employer's Action in XPAT

XIII. Apply for EA (EMPLOYMENT APPROVAL) in the XPAT using the menu Apply for Employment Approval using MIPSS

Bangladesh Processes after EA(EMPLOYMENT APPROVAL) approval

XIV. After EA (EMPLOYMENT APPROVAL) is approved by Immigration and payment is done by the employer.

XV. Approved EA (EMPLOYMENT APPROVAL) of the Worker will be seen in MIPSS System.

XVI. Once EA (EMPLOYMENT APPROVAL) approved the MEFC (Maldives Employment Facilitation Centre) will hand over the worker passport for processing the security sticker which will be processed by the Embassy of Maldives in Bangladesh

XVII. Upon successful Security Clearance stickers on the worker passport. Then the worker shall be processed for BMET clearance (Green Card).

XVIII. Upon Successful BMET (Green Card) the worker is ready to fly to Maldives.

XIX. Bangladesh Recruitment Agent will enter the worker flight information and the Employer will be notified via email on the flight information.

XX. Worker Arrives in Maldives will undergo the normal Immigration Clearance process.

Employer's further action

XXI. Apply for Work Visa


I. How to activate MIPSS Account?
- You will receive a system generated Email to the registered mail addressed in XPAT.

II. What to do if I don't receive any email for account activation?
- Contact the online registration counter on the 2nd Floor Huravee Building.

III. What is Update Company profile?
- Employer must upload all relevant document signature, Company Logo, Company Stamp, and Profile Picture for generating the Employment Contract, Demand Letter and Power of Attorney.

IV. What is the size of the Images for updating the Company Profile?
- Please ensure all images must be below 500kb and 500pixel

III. Why I can't able to update the company profile?
- Only the Owner/Director is eligible to update the company profile.

IV. How to Allocate Quota?
- Quota allocation only can be made in Xpat System

V. Why does the Quota not appear in the system?
- If the Quota allocation is approved by Immigration then the allocation will be seen in MIPSS.

VI. What to do if occupation is not allocated/available to the quota?
- After the allocation is approved by MI, THE EMPLOYER has to add occupation again.

VII. What to do if a minus figure shows from the system?
- Contact the Immigration Officer for more correction of data.

VIII. What to do if OTP code is not received?
- Advice Employers to wait for 3-5 mins if still didn't receive any contact please contact MIPSS Customer Support Officer.

IX. Why I can't see my worker on my profile?
- Only worker with medically fit, Clear Police report and Clear Security Checking (Blacklist verification) will be updated by the Bangladesh Recruitment Agent and the Employer will be able to see the worker information in the MIPSS System.

X. Will the employers be notified on the worker arrival information?
- Yes, email will be sent about the worker arrival information.

XI. Will the Employers be notified upon the Worker successful arrival or entry to Maldives?
- No, as per the Immigration policy the information will not be shared via email.

XII. If Employer information is shown as blacklisted in MIPSS system and unable to generate the Employment Contract? But the employer is not blacklisted in XPAT?
- Kindly update the Employer Information in XPAT so the database is getting refreshed, this is due to inconsistency of data from the data dump.
- Update any field to trigger the action and it will get update the status.
- Once update is done, inform the employer to logout of MIPSS and try to login again, the issue will be resolved

October 27, 2017

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